Datagrid - An infinitely customizable solution for your corporate mobility

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What is Datagrid?

Datagrid brings to your corporation the most customizable mobile reporting and documents platform available today.

By using this data collection and management solution, your firm may now convert any document into a mobile platform then synchronize it to as many mobile devices your firm requires. Once a document is synchronized, your employees or technicians may collect the necessary information without a data connection.

"Introducing Datagrid" - Video

Beta Tester Advantages

During Datagrid's final phase of administration access control and user interface graphics, we'll be inviting cooperation input from industries looking to implement this technology.

Supporters in our crowdfunding campaign will be given free access where you may create an account and begin using the many features.Your access and use will remain free during the beta test period. Any perks you purchased during the crowdfunding campaign period will be reserved until beta testing is complete and Datagrid is opened to the public.

You will have...

  • Free, unlimited access to all features currently available, as well as any added during the beta testing period.
  • An invitation to a special forum dedicated to the Datagrid beta tester community.
  • The option to take part in limited time member-only webinar tutorials.
  • The opportunity to request topics for webinars.
  • The opportunity to request direct dialogues with Datagrid for industry-specific inquiries.
  • A Head start in creating your unique industry content.
  • The chance to preserve all content developed during the testing period when the product officially launches.
  • Access to a "wishlist" requests.
  • Suggest additional perks you'd like to see included

Datagrid Features

Detailed features of Datagrid's suite of administrative controls includes but is not limited, to:

Site specific report formatting

With this feature, any number of custom documents or reports you create can be dedicated to a unique site or to multiple sites. Once set up, the document will be automatically delivered to the desired client.

For example, for a client requesting specific information and/or formatting to satisfy a government agency, you may tailor a UI for your mobile device to collect data for their specific needs, and then deliver that information precisely the way the client requires it.

Alternatively, you may decide to "harvest" data from a standard mobile UI you have created in Datagrid, and only display, in a custom format, the data needed for that report.

Customize Your Own Formulas and Scripts

Datagrid allows you to run formulas and scripts on submitted data from not only within a report but across reporting systems contained within your account.

A formula can be used when a large plant or machine requiring maintenance needs a number of technical teams to process a maintenance contract. Some of the data from one team (like hours of operation or cycles) may be referenced by a number of other reports. A formula may now be written for your uploaded data to process calculations resulting in a reported value when the criteria has been met.These automated formulas can be used for documents as simple as an automated price estimations to complex scripts with the capability to create a range of values for use in graphs, tables or complex data results of any kind.

A script may be written for an unlimited number of logical arguments. For example during a large maintenance or inspection project, it is virtually impossible for a technician to keep current with endless component updates, requirements or recalls. With Datagrid you may write a script that will search your technicians results on a per item basis that could run logical arguments looking for matching values. (make, model, serial no…..) Once a value is matched automated report content could be created. These scripts can be updated at will.

Insert Customizable Graphs

With the ability to create your own formulas and scripts on submitted data you can use the datagrid graph option to plot your data on your own graphs for use in your report template PDFs.

Buy and Sell in Our Content Trade Shop

Bloggers, Suppliers, Specialized Technicians, Consultants or any other individual may create content specific to their industry and make it available in the Datagrids Content Store. This content may be as simple as a delivery confirmation form to scripts for monitoring recalls on certain devices. You may create a full datasets including Forms, “Repeat Entry Subforms”, Custom Script for calculations or graphs, recreate 3rd party forms with vectored data placement or any other variation required by any industry.

Once the content is created it can be made available to our users and your industry through the Datagrid trade shop at your desired pricing.

Infinite Mobile User Interfaces

You may now tailor your mobile data collection for the clients you are servicing, eliminating the need for your technicians to edit their submissions from a standardized "one dose all" report interface. Your technician's mobile device will automatically convert its layout to the report UI when the order is loaded. Datagrid allows your firm to have an unlimited number of interfaces instantly accessible on your mobile devices.

Administrative Access Control

Most common controlled access is handled through a username and password. With Datagrid, you can limit access to any portion of the site of any user you create within your account. You may create groups with specified permissions and move users in and out of these groups as needed. For example, at certain points, you may want to give your estimating department access to your deficiency database as well as your legal council. Once an individual is finished their project they can be moved to a “View only” permission group or denied altogether.

Multiple Technician Report Contributions

Datagrid's collection engine allows you to deliver a single order to multiple technicians. The information submitted for that order will be combined into a single document automatically. Each submission is linked to the reporting technician for future reference. Any portion of a report can be separated into its own single document.

Multiple Report Binding

You may create a "binder" that will allow you to link reports across multiple sites, clients or orders. For example, a client with sites in a number of municipalities with equipment that can be affected by the quality of the water supply, you may "bind" the reports for this piece of equipment over multiple orders and their corresponding sites.

Mobile UI Management at Single Item Level

Datagrid allows you to make any number of mobile interfaces, thereby streamlining your technician's productivity. Invariably, these interfaces will have many repeat items. With Datagrid, you may create a database of items in a single location and then synchronize these items to multiple mobile UIs. When you edit one of these items, it will be updated throughout all interfaces it exists in automatically, without requiring any interaction from your technicians.

Administrative Control Over Reporting Verbiage

"Report item response content" is designated at the administrative level. For example: responses for "Vehicle Make could be:

  • Ford
  • GM
  • Dodge
  • Honda
  • Nissan

These responses can be made global within your Datagrid account, allowing you to reuse groups of responses for multiple items and giving you an advantage of mass updating when these responses need to change. You may choose to make a group of responses linked to only a single item. These responses can be assigned a location on the pdf report template giving you full control of your report content verbiage.


Barcode recording

Datagrids administrator panel will allow you to create unlimited barcodes for your account and print them on your own media at no additional charge.

In the event an item with an affixed barcode is removed from service that barcode may be recorded and made available again for reuse.

Adopting an existing barcode system

If you already have an existing barcodes system in place, Datagrid allows you to adopt this into your database by either data import or by physically scanning with your mobile device.

Dynamic report creation with barcoding

Multiple items can be uniquely identified, recalled and reported on, or recorded. Take for instance a building's alarm system that must be regularly tested and a noted. Each item may be barcoded with your barcodes for data purposes or if they already have existing barcodes affixed to the devices you may adopt these into your datagrid account.

Item Inventory with barcoding

Once you attach your barcode sticker to an item or a component you may scan it into your mobile device and associate it with relative information you would like to record and track.

Barcode sticker designer

Datagrids barcode designer will also allow you to put readable print on your stickers. Examples of this would be:

  • Company name
  • Company logo
  • Phone number
  • Web site
  • Component ID number
  • Description
  • Date
Docs and forms created by "Component Structure"

Datagrid allows you to build your forms or documents by component. An example of a component would be a single selection from a list of items such as a "Drop Down List" or “Single Choice” or the ability to have multiple selections from a list would be a “Checkbox Group” or "Multi Choice" component. Your component may have a question such as "What form of water supply does your building have?"

  • Drilled well
  • Dug well
  • Lake water
  • Water tank
  • Civil connection
  • Cistern
  • None

The above could be either a multi or single choice, it just depends on the “Component” you use to create it.

The most common of these components are:

  • Single Text Box
  • Numerical Text Box
  • Boolean
  • Decimal Number
  • Multi Line Text
  • Single Choice
  • Multiple Choice
  • date
  • Time
  • date and Time
  • Image (Gallery or camera activation for photo selection)
  • password
  • Email
  • Barcode
  • Signature
  • Phone activation (with preloaded number)
  • GPS data capture

Components are, and always will be, under development by request throughout all industries. Any component developed for any industry will automatically become available for your selection and implementation. As newer hardware or software technology is introduced, you or any other firm may request a custom component or an amendment to an existing one. This structure will keep your mobile interface up to date with the latest technology automatically.

For example, A firm in an unrelated field may want to utilize the "Signature capture" but would like to add Geo data. Once developed and implemented this additional item would appear in your components selection page automatically. This feature will give your firm the advantage of implementing updates developed both by related or unrelated industries.

Dynamic Report Creation

One of the more powerful features of Datagrid is allowing you to "Vector" your results in a customized PDF layout. But there are situations where you may need the versatility to create a report "on the fly" without knowing the scope or required format.

With Datagrid you may create a mobile interface with all items available for selection. Once your technician completes the report for that location and has selected only the items that are applicable you can deliver the report in a format where only the selected items are populated, thus creating a dynamic report based on your technicians selections. This process may also be utilized for surveying new projects and creating initial dataset.

Instant Standard Mobile App Call Functionality

Datagrid utilizes standard programs that come with your smartphone and allows you to utilize them as needed. Some examples of this are:

  • GPS mapping with auto address import
  • Auto Phone dialer
  • Auto email program initialization
  • Web browser to URL
Server to Server Communication (API calls)

You can set up a "Data set transfer" from your Datagrid account to another server of your choosing. This allows instant data population for additional processing by either your, your clients or a co-operating companies servers. For example, if your firm must report information to a 3rd party for verification or validation for clients or government officials, this process can be automated eliminating the manpower to manually fill in online forms.

Your Information is Protected

Data is transferred to your account via Google drive. Before it is transferred to the drive it is pw protected and the contents encrypted. Once the data is in your account and no longer needed on the device the server will communicate with the device and delete it automatically.

"On the Fly" Data Recall

If for any reason you need to recall data to your device that has not been loaded via a calendar event you may do this through the "Import" interface. For example if you have a technician on a service call and the client decides to have another system inspected before the order date, your technician may identify this system on site by either bar code, order number, Unique id, Site address or client, then with a data connection request the server to send that data to that device in seconds.

Drill Down Content Interface

Datagrid includes a customizable “drill down” content selector for your mobile interfaces. This content is created by you for your account. You may build a hierarchy containing as many branches as you require You may choose to have your mobile devices incorporate a single or multi choice selection mode. You may start your selection target level and any point in the hierarchy. One hierarchy content selection branch may be used for both multi and single selection content

Example: You may want to deploy a large database of dependent value. See a diagram below.

Nested "Multi Entry" Form Capability

Not only can you completely customize your reporting form you may also design and nest within that form any number of "Repeat entry" forms. This could be used for collecting information on many items contained in a system, large building, plant or machine.

For example a unit has many groups of devices that must have different sets of criteria recorded at certain times. With Datagrid you can designate a form or system to that unit and build multiple repeat entry sub forms to capture the data required for each group of devices. Data such as:

  • Date
  • Condition
  • Current Geo data
  • Picture(s)
  • Functionality
  • Make/Model
  • Pass/Fail
  • Barcode
  • OSHA Safety recordings

Once you have collected data on a device your subform is designed for and the "Enter" button is tapped, the data is captured and displayed below and the form is cleared ready for the next device.